Ice Cream 504

About Us

Though Ice Cream 504 was established in 2011, its beginnings can be traced back to a simpler time of hot summer Sundays on Aunt Ruby’s porch in Napoleonville, Louisiana. On that porch in the shade of an old pecan tree, children waited expectantly to crank the churn that would produce Aunt Ruby’s rich, delicious ice cream.

Ruby taught the children to make the icy treat with fresh milk and sugar and fruits from her own backyard. The sweet memory of those by-gone days and a love of home-made ice cream inspired Michael Southall to re-create that childhood memory with the recipes that Aunt Ruby passed on to him.

Michael lovingly crafts his ice cream in small batches with an old fashioned churn and only the finest ingredients so that they taste as fresh and natural as if you were sitting with him on Aunt Ruby’s porch. Sometimes he even uses fruit from his aunt's back yard. Our ice cream is more than fresh though. It's also friendly. We don't use gums or preservatives, and all of our flavors are gluten-free.

Come visit Ice Cream 504’s new location on Jena Street just off Freret. Bring your family and friends to enjoy the fresh flavors of Aunt Ruby’s ice cream. We think it’ll inspire you, too.

Michael Southall, High Priest of Ice Cream