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Small Batches


We have fond memories of Aunt Ruby making ice cream from scratch for us while we sat out under the old pecan tree. That's why we make our ice cream like she did: in small batches with only the freshest ingredients.

Fresh Ingredients


Our ice cream tastes so fresh, we don't need preservatives or gums. It doesn't stick around that long. You'll understand once you've tasted a bowlful of ice cream made with real milk and sugar.

Delicious Traditions


Come visit us at our cozy, little shop on Jena Street in the Freret Corridor and make our small batch, old fashioned ice cream a tradition with your friends and family. Aunt Ruby would be delighted.

About Us

At Ice Cream 504, we lovingly craft our ice cream in small batches with an old fashioned churn and only the finest ingredients so that they taste fresh, natural, and light. Our ice cream is more than fresh though. It's also friendly. We don't use gums or preservatives, and all of our flavors are gluten-free.

Come visit Ice Cream 504’s new location on Jena Street just off Freret. Bring your family and friends to enjoy the fresh flavors of Aunt Ruby’s ice cream. We think it’ll inspire you, too.